Embroidery Class

Machine Embroidery

In the Hoop Quilt

Paper piecing, machine embroidery, and quilting. Let your embroidery machine do the quilting for you. The only quilting you do is channelling quilting in the borders. 

This quilt takes full advantage of the features on our sewing/embroidery machines.

In addition to the adorable designs you will learn many techniques including:

  • bobbin work
  • use of machine decorative stitches
  • edge foot
  • fringe embroidery
  • couching
  • chenille
  • piping

Purchase of cd/pattern is required. This is a fun class where you learn design placement and embroidery decoupage. The best part is that you can use one of your own embroidery designs.


Embroidery Basics

The decorating of fabrics by use of needle and thread comprises the basics of embroidery. But it's much more than that. The possibilities only end with your imagination. The combination of colors and patterns is endless.


Following the development of sewing, the art of embroidery first appeared thousands of years ago. China, Russia and Egypt were some of the first known regions to have populations with embroidering knowledge. As the craft progressed, beads were found on fabrics, furniture and clothing. In fact, historical scenes were stitched into fabric. A well-known example is the Bayeux Tapestry, which is over 200 feet long.

The methods of stitching experienced an overhaul with the arrival of the industrial revolution. More recently, computer technology has provided additional advantages. Still, the basic techniques of embroidery have remained the same. Maybe one day you can take the art to the next level. Join us for Long Island embroidery classes and awake the artist inside.

Learning Embroidery

Teaching young women the skills of embroidery was a big part of education through the early 1900s. Sewing, knitting and embroidery were all in the curriculum for female students in the Northeast U.S for many years prior to the first world war. These skills were intended to give women a headstart in life.


  • Bird with bobbin work
  • Boy version of train
  • Flowers, girl version.
  • Fringe flowers